The Selection Thoughts

It was sort of like Princess Diaries meets The Hunger Games AND Bachelor all rolled into one.

It is set in the future. We only get a hint of what may have happened to the world (a world war of some type), but those who survived were remodeled into a numbered society with a monarchy type leadership by the ancestors of the man that ceased the war and got the people back on their feet.

The society is now split up into numbered factions – one’s through eights. Eights being the poor, living on the streets, ones being royalty or friends of royalty and then everyone in between.

Our story follows America or “Mer”, which I preferred (just weird calling someone America, even if it is post-apocalyptic and America doesn’t exist). She is a number 5, which is the artisan class – music, art, dancing, etc. While she is not horribly off, she isn’t exactly well off either. Yet, she has everything she needs … a boy she loves, a job singing and playing instruments, and a family she adores (mostly). She really doesn’t want anything else.

Yet, when the prince becomes of age, and a selection is conducted to find the prince a princess, her mother begs her to fill out the application and put in her name. Her mother doesn't know she loves someone else, but when he too encourages her to put in her name, she does so with a broken heart, and having a pretty good feeling she’ll never be selected and she can throw it back in their faces like, “See?!”.

But when she is picked out to be one of the 35 girls in a competition of a lifetime, no one is more shocked than Mer. Just being selected boosts her status up to a Three, so even if she isn't chosen in the end, she will already be better off than when she began the ‘contest’. As we travel with Mer, we find ourselves thrown into a world of conniving girls, dangerous rebels and a lifestyle she never wants to be a part of. Will Mer find her prince? Or will her prince come chasing after her?

Below are my actual thoughts on the book. I'm curious to see other people's. I am still finishing up The First Fifteen Years of Henry August, so that one I might post closer to the end of the month...

My personal thoughts on The Selection – Considering this book is the first one in the series, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked the interactions between the characters and they rarely felt forced. I enjoyed that Mer is strong, but she can also admit her weaknesses. And I did like the whole ‘princess diaries’ feel to it… she doesn’t really belong at first but once she sets her mind to something, she realizes she kicks ass at this.

The only thing I wish the author had done is explain a bit more about how the world got to be the way it is. She hints at it when they do the history lesson, but she doesn’t really go into depth about why the society was split up as it was, etc. Also, I felt like the ending was a tad rushed, and the abruptness of it left me confused. I had to flip back a few pages and ahead again just to make sure I hadn’t skipped a whole chapter or two … it just kind of leaves you hanging, which I hate (but do sort of understand since she has others in the series). I just wish the ending had been a bit cleaner. I also got ‘creeper’ vibe from the prince in the beginning … which I don’t know if that is what she was going for (if it was, bravo) … but eventually he loses the creeper vibe lol, but it was definitely ‘ew’ in the beginning.

Also, I find the ‘bad’ people in the book quite tame. While you read about the attacks on the palace, they really don’t do much except disturb the day and make all the girls … girly. I kind of didn’t like that. Also, the ‘girl fights’ were very tame and almost boring, I was kind of hoping if you were going to put that in the book at least make it truly wretched :D lol I wanted to really HATE someone in this book, but there wasn’t anyone really worth hating. I think a book should really bring that out in the reader, all the emotions.

Otherwise, it was a good start and I'm giving this a four out of five :D Will definitely check out the others.
I feel like I read this book a long time ago (that and I have a bad memory!) so I'm not sure how I can add much but I enjoyed reading your post! I've always thought of it as The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games, but I definitely agree about Princess Diaries.

Can't say too much because I don't want to ruin the other books for you, but I think/hope that the other two (soon 3) full books (I think there may be 2 novellas) will be to your liking!
I actually just ordered the second one for Kindle, so I hope to read that over the coming few days lol. Thanks! I really wish more folks had posted their thoughts, but maybe everyone didn't get a chance to finish reading. They do have a few more days though, lol.
I hope so! I just realized that we can actually make our own posts. -_- My mistake because I thought it was meant as a comment. I'll see about posting something about Harry August!