Cinder is, without a doubt, one of *the* best books I've ever read. It was exceptional and I'll be happy to read it again for this month.

sigh, now if only the rest of the series was remotely as good. :(
You didn't like the rest? :( I liked Cinder a lot and I have to admit that it took me a bit to get into the other two but by the end I'm always wanting more. -_- Have you read Fairest?
Thanks for letting me join the group! I hope to meet some new lj friends along the way. As soon as I can get Cinder, I'll be reading along with you! I'll just discuss miss peregrine's with you because I've already read that. :)
feel free to add me, let's get to know eachother. :) ♡
Sorry, I haven't had enough time this month to read either of the books. I'll definitely join in with next months read though x

I'm looking forward to reading peoples reviews of them and they will go on my list to read in the future.