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bookclublj's Journal

Book Club on Livejournal
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We are a book club. We discuss books. Both fiction and nonfiction.

Day 1 – Book for the month is announced – This post will also be used for discussion during the reading period for those who read ahead and need to talk about it. Probably best not to click comments if you don’t wish to be spoiled.

Day 2 – 19: Reading days. Member posting option will be turned off--no one will be able to post except the Moderator.

Day 15-16: Check-in Day. Friendly reminder to catch up or start reading if you haven't started yet. See where everyone is in the book.

Day 23-24: Polls go up for the next fiction and nonfcition book for the following month.

Days 20 – 30/1 – Member posting unlocked--Anyone can post during this time. Open discussion of the book. Themes, characters, likes and dislikes, etc.

Want to recommend a book for the book club? Comment here with the title of the book, the author and if possible a link to book description.

Near the end of each month, I'll post a nonfiction and a fiction poll with 5 books and have members vote on which we should read in the following month. The one with the most votes will be picked. You might see the same book on a future poll if it got second highest votes or things we had a tie (may just pick it for the following moth preemptively).

Once the book is posted, its basically radio silence from the community so people can read. At the end of the month for the last week, posting will be opened up to all members for full discussion. Your heart's desire. Then the first of the month, I'll remove posting again... rinse and repeat.

The post that announces the book for the month will have OPEN comments where people can come by and leave their "OMG" or "This is crap" or "Can you believe that just happened...." type of comments. I will TRY to enforce that no big plot secrets get divulged, but it probably won't happen ... so it's recommended you not check out the comments if you hate to be spoiled.